A few happy updates…

How did the FZ.se game jam go?

Frag Ztar came in 5th place (broken voting-system?) in the players voting list.

Inet, the sponsor of the game jam voted it as their #1 of the games.

In conclusion: My game was voted to the 5th spot, but I won the most cash reward. Sometimes luck come in different ways!

I used the cash to buy myself an Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card. My old one was an Nvidia GTX 970.

Updated my Github profile

My github profile should now use Mustache and I also implemented a web crawler to update the readme file with the latest posts from this website. They should be located near the bottom of the profile text.

Github profile

Graduated from school

That’s right.

I have graduated as a Java/JavaScript Developer from EC Utbildning in Malmö, Sweden.

I got a job!

After looking for a job for a couple of weeks I can finally tell that by the 1st of August I will be employed by IKEA as a Junior Software Engineer and will mostly work in backend.

It’s very exciting and I am really looking forward to it!!

Happy National Day of Sweden!