This is my first post on my new site!
What am I going to do with this site?

Well, I’m going to post about things and ideas that are swirling around or is stuck in my brain that needs to be ventilated digitally.

I might post an image: Example image Ghosts ’n Goblins. Do you hate or love this game?
Or maybe it’s complicated

I might post some code:

Console.WriteLine("Look 'ma! A string!");

I might post some raw HTML, inside Markdown. Impressive!

As you can see, I’m currently getting used to Markdown as I’m coming from the HTML side of the world. The more I use it, the more I appreciate it.

I used to host my website using Wordpress. I found it a hassle and boring to update the content, so I didn’t. I needed a simpler system that was less annoying to use and something I can edit in my favorite IDE/terminal and publish whenever I wish to do so.

The new site is based on Hugo with the theme PaperMod. I like it out of the box, so there won’t be a lot of adjustments for it.
The site is stored in a Github Pages repository which is linked as a submodule inside the construction-site repo, which can be run and exported by Hugo using the theme.

HugoWebsite construction repoGithub pages repo
Run Hugo serverStores Hugo web project
Implement and debug code
Build website data –>Github pages submodule –>Stores website data

This way, I can edit the website in the construction-site and push/update the website repository (github pages), and Github will automatically update the site at

If you can read this it means it worked!